We know you could get a $10 membership at the local chain gym but we are offering so much more at CrossFit 033. CrossFit 033 is a results-driven community, if you follow the plan you will see results, which is invaluable. You can’t put a price on success. Love the idea but is something holding you back? Please contact us to schedule a free consultation. Discounts for full-time students, teachers, memberships for multiple children, 1st responders and Active Military.


3 x a week

$160/month + tax


$190/month + tax


$305/month + tax

Kids 7+

$100/month + tax*

Unlimited + Nutrition

$400/month + tax
Drop-ins with prior CrossFit experience welcome for $20/class or $50 for 1 week.  

*In lieu of a term membership contract, members shall enter into a thirty (30) day membership agreement that shall automatically renew unless cancelled in accordance with the terms in the following paragraph. Members shall be responsible for recurring monthly payment, which shall be charged to the member’s credit card each month on or about the same date that coincides with the start date of such member’s membership. A Member may cancel his/her membership, at no cost, at any time prior to his/her next Billing Date. However, no refunds shall be allowed for partial months. In order to cancel his/her membership, a Member must advise CrossFit 033 in writing signed by the Member and delivered to CrossFit 033 at 182 Oakwood Drive, Glastonbury CT 06033 10 days before the package will renew. Refunds processed after the above listed windows will incur a 10% processing and administrative fee.

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